On demand


RM 2,500
(Fully subsidised)*

*Terms & Conditions apply


5 days (Classes)
2 months (Coaching)

Awarded by:

Reliance College

Mode of study:

Lectures, Tutorials, Demonstrations, and Guided Hands-On Practical Experience

Are you ready to turn your culinary passion into a thriving business venture? Reliance Gerai equips you with the essential culinary skills, resources, and opportunities to run your own food stall or hawker business.

Why Choose Reliance Gerai?

Skill Enhancement

Gain practical culinary skills that empower you to successfully manage your own food business.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment

Foster your entrepreneurial spirit, enabling you to generate income through your food venture.

Business Coaching

Coaching will be provided for 2 months (4 sessions) after your GERAI setup, this will include business guidance and culinary arts training

What You’ll Get

Skill Development

Comprehensive training in culinary arts and basic business management, covering food preparation, presentation, customer service, budgeting, and inventory management.

Resource Provision

You'll receive a complete set of cooking equipment and stall setups, eliminating initial investment barriers.

Licensing Guidance

Get assistance with the legal requirements for operating food stalls and obtain necessary licenses.

What You’ll Study

Small-Scale Culinary Business Certificate

You will explore the fascinating world of food entrepreneurship on a smaller scale. In an era where culinary creativity knows no bounds, this certificate will teach you how to turn your love for cooking into thriving businesses. From food trucks and pop-up restaurants to artisanal food products and personalized catering, you will learn about the diverse and dynamic landscape of small-scale culinary enterprises. You will also learn how your business can foster economic growth and social connections within your community

Intensive Business Training


  • Marketing Essentials – “4 P’s”
  • Business Governance – Registration Business Procedure
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Double-Entry Accounting
  • Product Pricing Strategies

Intensive Culinary Arts Training


  • Nasi Lemak with 1 side dish
  • Curry Puff
  • Satay with accompaniments
  • Laksa with condiments
  • Foodie Food Craze Ideation

Compulsory Package

Worth RM500

  • Bunting / Banner
  • SSM Registration Fee
  • Typhoid Injection
  • Food Safety and Hygiene Training
  • Canopy 8x8

Equipment Package

Worth RM500

  • Nasi Lemak Starter Pack*
  • Satay Starter Pack*

Worth RM200

  • Laksa Starter Pack*
  • Curry Puff Starter Pack*
*Terms & conditions apply

Rules & Regulations – Upon Business Operation

You must:

  • Ensure the highest quality, diversity, and cleanliness of your service area and the safety of your food offerings.
  • Display valid licenses and permits proudly.
  • Deliver top-notch customer service with politeness and efficiency.
  • Maintain impeccable food hygiene standards.
  • Take full responsibility for any circumstances arising from negligence during operations.